Vimeo Roles


I spend my time telling people they need to make sure that they are on each and every social network they may work on, now or in the future, but sometimes I don’t get round to following my own rules (do what I say and not what I do I suppose is the exception proving …

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Camera Straps ABC

Youtube when you’re feeling Dumb So we bought a new camera at my day job last week and whilst setting it up (BTW Canon you have worst software ever! Heard of the App Store recently?) a poorly drawn diagram just didn’t hack it for figuring out how to attach the straps to the camera. Thank …

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Links, Links, Links

Wordpress Logo

When is a web not a web? When the things you’ve linked to are broken! I’ve just discovered this great, easy notification plugin for wordpress called Broken Link Checker. And that’s what it does. Simple as that. An invaluable service provided. And complimented by the amazing Redirection Plugin it can make sure you’re keeping on …

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