Changing WordPress Usernames

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How to Change a WordPress Username

So you need to change a username and you’ve read how to the hard way (options one and three) I can shout out for the easy way (option 2) via the Username Changer plugin developed by Dan Griffiths (where would we be without the hard working members of the wordpress community!). And you can even do it for the username you’re logged into (you’ll obviously have to login again ;-))


  1. You just made a mistake when you created a user
  2. You need to change a name after someone gets married
  3. You’ve decided to implement a naming protocol for users
  4. Or you went with the default admin name for your administrator

In any of these circumstances the Username Changer Plugin makes the process painless, quick and straightforward.

Useful Tips

I have a folder of these single-use plugins so I can delete them once I’ve used them and always have a copy when I encounter the problem again.

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