Update to Windows 10 Error 8007002c-4000d

Windows 10

This foxed me again and again today as I updated two machines at Tees Valley Arts to Windows 10 – or rather failed to update – four tries later (on 2 separate machines) and I was pulling out my hair (or would have done if I had any left).

Anyhow, a great deal of googling later (and trying of multiple “solutions”) I followed DukeSpookem on a Reddit forum and uninstalled my Avast Business Virus protection and Windows 10 installed like a dream.

This might not work for everyone but I’d try this first as I’d tried lots of complicated things before (which were much more work) and this was much quicker…

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Filming at the Dorman


So this Sat I spent the day getting to grip with the office’s new GoPro whilst filming a 1 day conference: The English Civil War on Teesside for River Tees Rediscovered partners the Dorman Museum and Tees Archaeology.

This was not my first run at recording a live event, that was earlier this year at the River Tees Rediscovered VIP launch where I experienced first hand the lacklustre performance of the GoPro battery (I bought plenty with me this time!).

All in all despite having to spend the lunch break running into Boro to buy another 64gb micro-SD card it went pretty well, though I’m guessing I’d better wait for the footage until I judge that one fully! 

Anyhow the videos will be posted to our account as soon as I (or someone more eminently qualified) edits then and you’ll be able to see them on my vimeo.com account too… So watch this space.


See the full set of videos here.

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“AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on failed” causing Finder crash

Mac Finder Icon

The Problem

“AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on failed”: I’ve been plagued by this error for some weeks, which relates to waking my Macbook Air from sleep after being connected to my synology NAS at work. The console is replete with hundreds of these messages as it tries to re-connect to the server that is no longer available and there does not seem to be a routine that allows it detect that the server is no longer available and stop attempting to reconnect. As a result the finder simply ceases to be responsive and if you force quit it, it does not spawn properly again.

How to fix it

After getting frustrated with having to log out and log back in again to regain a responsive finder, I googled and failed to find a solution so I turned to the Activity Monitor where I noticed substantial activity from the “soagent” and found that if I force quit that – don’t worry it’ll respawn unharmed – then I got my finder back. Not the most elegant of solutions but quicky, dirty and more importantly successful. I hope the bug will get corrected in a future release of OS X (at the time of writing I’m using 10.10.3) but in the meantime this works.


Okay that solution didn’t work frequently enough but this new one, thanks to Krysole at superuser.com does indeed work. I generally check which smb mounts are malfunctioning from the console and then go to terminal and use the following command:

sudo umount -f /Volumes/”volume name”

And bye, bye problem!


This problem has now been fixed by El Capitan… Woot!

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Transfer O2 Personal Number to a Business Number


So I have a business account with O2 and I wanted to transfer another number in from a personal O2 account and add it as an additional SIM card user to my account… sounds like a straightforward process right? Oh, only in a joined up world an O2 is nowhere near embracing its own synergies.

My first call to O2 represented the more naive, trusting element of my personality. I called O2 explained exactly what I wanted to do, cleared all the security questions on both accounts, spent the better part of an hour on the telephone and was told it was all arranged, but I’d need to check back in a few days.

A few weeks later (I got distracted by other things) I received a bill for the personal account, but no final bill had arrived, so I thought I’d better call and chase them up. And surprise, surprise the left hand didn’t know what the right was doing and though there were ample notes on my account no action had been taken.

I was told that I actually had to fill outcome paperwork to make this happen and directed to o2.co.uk/businesstransfer, where I discovered (at the bottom of this general page) not an online form but a pdf you have to download and send in by post, fax or email.

Now cautious, I called back to check which of these methods would be the most efficient in expediting my request and was advised the fax was best (though I had to borrow a customer’s fax machine to send it in) and now wait with baited breath to see if o2 is actually capable of actioning my request.

I’ll let you know the outcome in a couple of weeks… (yes, unbelievably, it’ll really take a couple of weeks).


Indeed it did take a couple of weeks, in fact because of Christmas it didn’t happen until the first week of January. Hardly a smooth transition.

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iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started


If you ever seen this error message in iTunes:

iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started

Then here is how I fixed this on my iPad (iOS 4.2) before upgrading to iOS 4.3:

  1. Do a hard reboot of your iPad by holding down the top button and the home button until the device reboots.
  2. Re-connect to iTunes (stop sync) and then right click on the iPad to ask it to backup.
  3. This didn’t work for me the first time, with a different error coming up, but by the second try it did work and I managed to complete a backup.

There are some other accounts over on Apple Discussions if this does not work for you; in no particular order I read this, this and this.

Oh and if you’re having problems upgrading to iOS 4.3 then I’ve found links to enable you to manually download the upgrade here (it’s 625.8mb BTW).

And if you need instructions on how to manually update an iOS device watch this video:


(though be warned of the irritating music!).

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Historic UK VAT Rates

I happened to need to know the historic VAT rates for the UK since the 1980s to ensure normalised data in 30 years of invoices I’ve been processing for a customer. The figures were quite hard to pin down so I thought I’d publish them here:

Standard UK VAT Rate from 1979 to 1991

  • 18/06/1979 to 18/03/1991 – 15 %

Standard UK VAT Rate from 1991 to 2008

  • 19/03/1991 to 30/11/2008 – 17.5 %

Standard UK VAT Rate from 2008 to 2009

  • 01/12/2008 to 31/12/2009 – 15 %

Standard UK VAT Rate from 2010 to 2011

  • 01/01/2010 to 03/01/2011 – 17.5 %

Standard UK VAT Rate from 2011 to Present

  • 04/01/2011 to Present – 20 %

I hope this is a little easier to find for people.


1979 Rate Increase

VAT Rate Tables

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Roger Martin on Integrative Strategy

Roger Martin

Despite the intimidating title these three articles published by Roger Martin over on the Harvard Business Review are actually a fascinating read and useful for any small business owner or anyone thinking of starting a small business. They are:

The Integrative Strategic Move of “Doubling Down”

Read how Piers Handling managed to turn the Toronto International Film festival into a great success.

How to Successfully Manage Opposing Strategies

Read how thinking about a problem in a different way can resolve what can seem to be opposing strategies.

Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Business Model

See how Red Hat Software managed to transform Linux into a viable option for enterprises.

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Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome

Partly for my own benefit, I’ve decided to keep a list of my essential google chrome extensions. So here you go:

Switch to Tab by zboogs, originally by Frank Yan, source at github.

This is absolutely essential if like me you always have lots and lots of tabs open at any one time… Just type sw <space> on your Mac and it’ll search each tabbed page for the words you write after that.

Xmarks Bookmark Sync

If you use more than one browser, on more than one computer this syncs bookmarks between all of your browsers on all of your computers. It’s an excellent way to keep bookmarks under control.

Session Buddy by Hans

Though this doesn’t automatically save your sessions. It’s very handy indeed to be able to save a session if you’re having a problem or you just want to close Chrome and re-open it to free up some space.

RSS Subscription Extension by Google

For some reason this isn’t built into Chrome directly, but if you read lots of blogs and prefer to add feeds to your google reader account this is essential.

History 2 by robertoullan

What’s the point in getting google to store all your web history if the interface to search it or just glance through is as hopeless as the default google history. Replace it with this more friendly version.

Image Properties Context Menu by Chris

Working with images in chrome is a pain in the a**. Improve it with this simple extension.

I’ll be adding more to it as I go along, but please recommend any you use in the comments!

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