Filming at the Dorman

   So this Sat I spent the day getting to grip with the office’s new GoPro whilst filming a 1 day conference: The English Civil War on Teesside for River Tees Rediscovered partners the Dorman Museum and Tees Archaeology. This was not my first run at recording a live event, that was earlier this year …

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Historic UK VAT Rates

I happened to need to know the historic VAT rates for the UK since the 1980s to ensure normalised data in 30 years of invoices I’ve been processing for a customer. The figures were quite hard to pin down so I thought I’d publish them here: Standard UK VAT Rate from 1979 to 1991 18/06/1979 …

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Roger Martin on Integrative Strategy

Roger Martin

Despite the intimidating title these three articles published by Roger Martin over on the Harvard Business Review are actually a fascinating read and useful for any small business owner or anyone thinking of starting a small business. They are: The Integrative Strategic Move of “Doubling Down” Read how Piers Handling managed to turn the Toronto International …

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Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome

Partly for my own benefit, I’ve decided to keep a list of my essential google chrome extensions. So here you go: Switch to Tab by zboogs, originally by Frank Yan, source at github. This is absolutely essential if like me you always have lots and lots of tabs open at any one time… Just type …

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