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I spend my time telling people they need to make sure that they are on each and every social network they may work on, now or in the future, but sometimes I don’t get round to following my own rules (do what I say and not what I do I suppose is the exception proving the rule).

So there’s something really important to know about vimeo, if you don’t have an account (and then later set up one) even if someone credits you to your email (and the email you use to setup your account) then it will not translate across… i.e. you’ll have to rely on the poster of the video to change your credit.

Luckily for me I’m in control of most the videos I’ve been involved in so far, so no loss, but you may not be so lucky (BTW Vimeo this should be really easy to correct and why haven’t you done it already?). So Ree Collins, set up an account asap, so I can still amend your credits.

Oh and if you’re uploading a video then I’ve a few wise words of advice (firstly I’m thinking of you Andy Berriman) always use the credits rather than add them in the text otherwise you lose the web part of the web; (secondly I thinking of you Ian Paine) if you’re contracted to make a video rely on your commissioner to credit you rather than post it yourself.

Proper use of credits will improve the penetration of your films and improve your overall position in google.

Check out the films I’ve been part of by looking at my vimeo profile and one video I helped to get off the starting blocks and am most proud of (18k views!) but am not credited in :-(.

[vimeo w=960]

And John Kirkbride I still can’t find you on vimeo. WTF?!

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