Find old P32s Sage One Payroll

Sometimes things are just not that easy to find in Sage One Payroll. We’re doing our end of year accounts and filing for 2014/15 at the office today and I had missed a few P32s across the year (not filed or printed – bad boy) so I thought it’d be really straightforward to find… which …

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WordPress Plugins: Smushit

People seem to have real problems with working with images and this is where WP-Smushit comes into play. Even if you don’t know how to properly optimise your images, if they’re under 1MB (assuming you’re a cheapskate and not paying for the plugin) then this will handle it for you. Simples.

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WordPress Plugins: Lightbox

I’ve used the wp-jQuery-Lightbox plugin for many years now, it makes images look nice on wordpress and effectively creates galleries out of individual images embedded in a page. I’ve become a little complacent in recent months though, given that Jetpack enables pretty, nice, lightbox galleries; it doesn’t however do this for individual images. So wp-jQuery-Lightbox …

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Problems, problems, problems. Sometimes your Mac is just sluggish and when you head over to the console to see what’s up you stumble across a weird, inexplicable issue like this: LaunchServices: Could not store lsd-identifiers file at /private/var/db/lsd/ error in console The fix is relatively simple, navigate to the folder: /private/var/db/ and then create the …

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Waiting Lists on Eventbrite

So this Saturday my work will be hosting a pair of events in partnership with Teesside University: An Audience with Benjamin Zephaniah and Words and Dub with Dennis Bovell and Benjamin Zephaniah. These are two very different style events: the first an intimate talk with the artist, it’s a ticketed event with a strictly limited …

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coreduetd process run amock in El Capitan

Runaway processes are the bane of a functioning Mac; you find them in the console in their thousands when things go wrong. I’ve had a particular problem recently with the coreduetd process. Thanks to Gordon Mackay I’ve now a solution: 1. In the Finder menu choose Go -> Go to Folder… – or cmd + …

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