Facebook Fan Page Profile Picture #Fail

So we completed the new logo for Slingsby’s Driving Academy at the end of last week and began adding it to the website, designing letterheads and such. One of the first things that my client suggested to do (actually tried to do herself!) was to change the Facebook Fan Page Profile Picture. Ideally this should […]

Changing Facebook Groups into Fan Pages

It’s surprising how often the skills a business owner develops in their private lives can be re-purposed to help them in their businesses. Although many of my clients are adverse if not allergic to the Internet, there are occasional exceptions and more often I’m finding Facebook is that exception. Whilst re-designing Slingsby’s Driving Academy’s website […]

How many tabs did you have open?

I regularly and bitterly complain about the shortcoming of my browsers. As a prolific internet consumer I have grown into the habit of having many windows open, which have in turn many tabs open. At the time of writing I am running the latest build of webkit as my primary browser, if I ask it […]