iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started

If you ever seen this error message in iTunes: iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started Then here is how I fixed this on my iPad (iOS 4.2) before upgrading to iOS 4.3: Do a hard reboot of your iPad by holding down the top button and the home […]

Making your Mac Safe to Sell

So. You’ve upgraded your Mac and you’ve decided to sell your old Mac. Just how do you go about removing all your personal data? Erase Everything! (The Nuclear Option) If you’re not worried about leaving Apps on for the lucky purchaser or free beneficiary of your new Mac then the best method is the Nuclear […]

How to Stop Dates Changing when Cutting and Pasting between Excel Files

So I was moving some old financial records across to a single new excel file in Microsoft Excel 2008 when I noticed that the dates were changing by about four years, perplexed I resorted to a great deal of googling before I came across the reason for this. In Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac all […]

Error Uploading Photos to Google Places

Claiming your Google Places listing is an important part of establishing your presence for local searches. Before you go ahead and add your listing you should always check if Google Places already has a listing for you, which you can do simply by going to Google Maps and performing a search, if you can’t find […]

Default @Dropbox File Paths

So I needed to know the default file paths for dropbox on the Mac and different versions of Windows for a Filemaker Custom Function I’m building and couldn’t find a simple listing anywhere on the internet so if you’re interested here they are: Default Dropbox location on Mac OS X: Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserName/Dropbox/ or more quickly […]

How to Add Web & Email Links to Adobe InDesign CS3

Sometimes you want to achieve something that you think should be easy, but it turns out not to be as easy as you imagined and not because the task itself isn’t straightforward but because you can’t find the tools to achieve the task and the help isn’t say helpful. So if like me you don’t […]