Where is my lost word document?

So. I’m frequently called by people who have lost documents in Microsoft Word. They’ve been working on something important but hadn’t got round to saving it and BOOM it’s gone. Prevention is always the cure in these situations. If they had saved the document when they created and then saved it whilst working on it, […]

How to clean your White MacBook Keyboard so it’s sparkly new!

So my friend @geetheflea tweeted with this question earlier today. Unfortunately for her I was going through my sisters new business plan and so twitter couldn’t have been further from my mind… A mutual friend @tsmarsh suggested the following technique to her, neatly illustrated by this video: Fortunately for her I don’t think that the […]

Rebuilding Apple Mail Mboxes

So. I use gmail’s IMAP service to collect emails from each of my email accounts. I’ve used the IMAP service since it was introduced, as unlike the POP3 service it ensures that my inboxes, etc, are synced with the cloud and also with the other computers I used, thereby enabling me to sit down at […]