Crossing the Tees: Printmaking

So today another new book arrived at work, one I’ve been happy to of Typeset though not designed this time!  Crossing the Tees: Printmaking Published It’ll be available for free sometime next week from libraries across Teesside. Peter NealI’m a small business consultant enabling small business owners to achieve sustainable growth, whilst working part-time at […]

Damn McAfee

So I spent a glorious Sunday afternoon puzzling, amongst other things, over a friends broken laptop. It could connect to the internet when plugged in by cable, but not by the WiFi connection. After a couple of minutes getting connected to her laptop by the ineffable logmein (using it from my iPad now!) and began […]

Data Detectors for Safari on the iPad Please

Now. I love data detectors. It is one of the most unsung and brilliant of Apple’s innovations with OS X. It just works, although I mourn the fact that it’s not spread much beyond a bare implementation in Mail (a very useful one at that though). Now with the introduction of the iPad data detectors […]