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Sorted Menus in Windows XP

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So I’ve been doing a little more work with Windows XP than I usually do :-( and it’s reminding me of all those small irritations that come with Microsoft products.

The system itself might well be robust enough, but its details that they don’t seem to have an eye for, one of those that particularly irritates me is that the “All Programs” menu isn’t alphabetically ordered.

So whilst I was waiting for a program to install off it was to google, where I found that this is relatively easy to correct (although it’s not sticky, so it needs repeating each time you add a program).

So for all those OCD suffers out there driven mad by this, here is the solution:

  • Press the “Start” Button
  • Select “All Programs” and navigate anywhere into the list
  • Right Click the mouse and select “Sort by Name”.

And you’re done!

To see where I found this and additional tweaks click here.

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