3 Years of Calendar Syncing Bliss

So. Spanning Sync turned 3 last week and as I’ve been using their service to sync calendars between my many computers since it was in early beta that means I’ve had 3 years of calendar syncing bliss. Don’t get me wrong there have been problems; as software moves through early betas there always are… but […]

Facebook Fan Page Profile Picture #Fail

So we completed the new logo for Slingsby’s Driving Academy at the end of last week and began adding it to the website, designing letterheads and such. One of the first things that my client suggested to do (actually tried to do herself!) was to change the Facebook Fan Page Profile Picture. Ideally this should […]

Delete Google Analytics Accounts

Argh! I’ve had a really frustrating time with Google Analytics over the past few days. So… I was adding Google Analytics to one of my client’s brand spanking new Google account (see my earlier comments about a fragmented Google here) and somehow I managed to create two accounts, each with analytics profiles. After setting up […]

Changing Facebook Groups into Fan Pages

It’s surprising how often the skills a business owner develops in their private lives can be re-purposed to help them in their businesses. Although many of my clients are adverse if not allergic to the Internet, there are occasional exceptions and more often I’m finding Facebook is that exception. Whilst re-designing Slingsby’s Driving Academy’s website […]

WordPress as a Business Website

So it’s the new year and I’m revitalising another website… This time it’s for my old driving instructor, who’s website hasn’t been altered in a couple of years and was originally created in Microsoft Frontpage, which as we all know creates really nice code. After some discussion we decided to pop for the ever popular√ā¬†Hemingway […]

MS finally concedes OpenOffice is a Threat!

It seems that Microsoft is finally waking up to the threat posed by OpenOffice. I’ve been slowly moving my clients over to OpenOffice for the past year, after all it’s free (which is attractive for SME), its interface is more like the traditional interface offered by MS Office in the good old days, and it’s […]