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So it’s the new year and I’m revitalising another website… This time it’s for my old driving instructor, who’s website hasn’t been altered in a couple of years and was originally created in Microsoft Frontpage, which as we all know creates really nice code.

After some discussion we decided to pop for the ever popular Hemingway Theme, which shared the black theme of her original site. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit, so after some consideration we settled upon the Cleanr Theme, which I’d adapt from a white to a black background.

Changing the colour of the theme took only a matter of hours, after which replicating the pages from her site itself was a quick efficient process, meaning that after some tweaking and some back and forth discussion we had a new website up and running for her driving school in a couple of days.

The only real problem that I ran into was learning how to configure wordpress to display a static page first, rather than a list of posts. This tutorial from wordpress gave me an excellent tutorial to follow and I had it redirected in a few minutes.

All in all I think that the process has been quite a success and like many dated sites, this simple quick replacement (sans logo initially) was a distinct improvement over the one it replaced.

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