FileMaker Custom Messages for Validation Errors

Sometimes you can’t see something because it’s straight in-front of your eyes. So if you’re looking for how to display a custom validation message when validating a field then it’s right at the bottom of the validation pane for that field: And yup I had to google to find this out. This is what happens […]

FileMaker Custom Function for File Path to @Dropbox

From the second version of my first database (back in 2002) I have used my FileMaker databases to control the creation of a structured folder system to enable the efficient and uniform storing of structured data for each of the businesses I have worked with. Early on in my development of FileMaker systems I stumbled […]

FileMaker Custom Function for formating Date Separators

I’ve finally created from scratch my own custom function for date formatting, I’ve appropriately called (renaming my earlier custom function to as all it does is replace the date dividers or separators “.” and “-” with a standard “/”. So here it is: (theDate) Let ( _divider = “/”; GetAsDate ( […]

Exporting to vCard from FileMaker

FileMaker doesn’t offer the same level of system integration with OS X as it’s little brother Bento, although it offers more power. It is possible, however, with a little work to extract the data you want to use, in the format you need. The advantage of being able to export a contact to a vCard […]

FileMaker Custom Function for Initials

So in my last blog post you’ll of noticed that I used a custom function called format.initials. I used the function in my calculated field: c_Postal_Name so that I could extract the initials from a name. Custom functions are a great way to reuse FileMaker code again and perform the same function on multiple fields. […]

The Perfect Calculated Name Field in Filemaker

All database solutions have a basic challenge, which is to present data in the easiest possible format and account for all possible variables. Once you move over to a database system for contact management as opposed to just the Apple Address Book or Outlook you can use some of this power to better deal with […]

Fragmented Google

Like most of us I’ve been the frequent and appreciative beneficiary of the wonderful talents of the Google engineers, however, all too frequently I experience the downsides that are a clear consequence of the fragmented results of a company run by engineers (and sometimes I think for engineers). Take this most recent experience: At the […]