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FileMaker Custom Function for formating Date Separators

FileMaker Pro

I’ve finally created from scratch my own custom function for date formatting, I’ve appropriately called format.date (renaming my earlier format.date custom function to format.versions.date) as all it does is replace the date dividers or separators “.” and “-” with a standard “/”.

So here it is:

format.date (theDate)

Let (

_divider = “/”;

GetAsDate ( Substitute ( thedate; [“.”; _divider]; [“-“; _divider] ))


I use it on all my date fields with theDate replaced by the FileMaker Self Function and setup as a date field with an auto-enter calculation that replaces the content, so that I can make sure that I have all dates entered with the correct dividers.

I’ve also submitted it to Brian Dunning’s excellent online repository of custom functions so that I can share it with the world. My first act of giving back (hopefully the first of many).

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