Guides, how-tos, self instruction. Call it what you will. This page is the start of an attempt to rationalise my posts into an order and a sequence to help me find things more quickly and hopefully to help others. It’ll be haphazard to start with but hopefully more organised as I go on, so bear with me and drop me a line if you need any more information.


Using WordPress

Some of the things I’ve learnt along the way:



Clean up

So if you’re anything like me you’ll of had some of your websites for years now, my oldest wordpress installation dates back to 2010. And they get cluttered after sometime.

Recently I’ve taken back control of a website I lost sometime ago (but had left intact on my webhost) so I’ve been looking through options for cleaning up and maintaining your wordpress installation and best practices surrounding it.

These posts will walk you through where I’ve got to so far…