Crossing the Tees: Printmaking

So today another new book arrived at work, one I’ve been happy to of Typeset though not designed this time!  Crossing the Tees: Printmaking Published It’ll be available for free sometime next week from libraries across Teesside. Peter NealI’m a small business consultant enabling small business owners to achieve sustainable growth, whilst working part-time at […]

“AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on failed” causing Finder crash

The Problem “AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on failed”: I’ve been plagued by this error for some weeks, which relates to waking my Macbook Air from sleep after being connected to my synology NAS at work. The console is replete with hundreds of these messages as it tries to re-connect to the server that is no longer […]

iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started

If you ever seen this error message in iTunes: iPad could not be backed up because a session could not be started Then here is how I fixed this on my iPad (iOS 4.2) before upgrading to iOS 4.3: Do a hard reboot of your iPad by holding down the top button and the home […]

Roger Martin on Integrative Strategy

Despite the intimidating title these three articles published by Roger Martin over on the Harvard Business Review are actually a fascinating read and useful for any small business owner or anyone thinking of starting a small business. They are: The Integrative Strategic Move of “Doubling Down” Read how Piers Handling managed to turn the Toronto International […]