OS X El Capitan

com.apple.lsdschemes.plist error in console

Problems, problems, problems. Sometimes your Mac is just sluggish and when you head over to the console to see what’s up you stumble across a weird, inexplicable issue like this:

LaunchServices: Could not store lsd-identifiers file at /private/var/db/lsd/com.apple.lsdschemes.plist error in console

The fix is relatively simple, navigate to the folder:


and then create the lsd folder and it will go away (you will need to enter your admin password).

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  • Uptown Jorge

    I have seen this resolution before but for whatever reason, it dose not fix the issue. I still see the error. I have tried everything including ensuring correct permissions. This is an annoying spam on my log. :-

    Thanks for the post tho. I am bookmarking this site :-)

  • Uptown Jorge

    Woah… update. I did this before and I checked again just to be certain. It is gone and mia. What the duck?

    I created the folder, it created the file, but the message is still there. I don’t want to do another clean install :-

  • Hi Uptown. That happened to me too, twice, and I just followed the same instruction and in the end it stuck. I did do a full reboot mind after creating it…